Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter One

You may have noticed, if you were one of the five or six people I've actually shown my blog to, I changed my German title "Die Erzählerin" to something I can actually pronounce. See, at first I thought I might go for a German theme, writing all my post titles in German, or whatever. The first problem with that is, I don't speak the language. The second is, while Germany has played a huge role in my life and I will most likely talk about it a lot, its not going to be the main focus of my blog. That focus, instead, will be my life and my writing. So, I changed my blog title to simply "Chapter One".

Why, "Chapter One" you might ask? Well, because books start at the first chapter. To me, those first few pages are the most important and the most exciting. I love it when I come up with a new story idea and I run over to my computer, pull open a new Word document and type the two little words that'll start my next journey: Chapter One. A little thrill runs through me every time and I pause to smile before launch into the story, meeting my new characters and exploring their world. Seriously, I love those two words so much, I've started over forty stories but have only finished two (almost three!) novels. (Okay, I may have started but not finished all those stories because I have an overactive imagination and the attention span of a chipmunk whose just chugged a Red Bull.)

I also liked the title "Chapter One" for this here blog because, well, life has so many first chapters. I'm at a big one right now having just started my first year of college back in September. And since I'll probably be complain--I mean, talking--about my experiences in school, I guess its applicable.

Hopefully now that I've got a theme going I'll actually get on here and post something every now and then. So join me next time when we discuss the ways I make decisions! Should be interesting. Until then, Tchüss!


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