Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Mediocre Book Review of an Excellent Book

Ever since I decided I wanted to be an author, I've been stalking--I mean, communicating--with some of my favorite authors. One of my favorites and probably the first one I e-mailed when I was fourteen years old was Robison Wells. I was thrilled when he responded only a few days later. Not too long after that, I convinced my family to take a weekend trip to Utah so I could meet him and several other authors in person. Since then, I've followed him around cyberspace and have seen him several more times in person. He's even helped me with a school project. So, in response to his coolness I decided to write a review for him. (Also,  I'm trying to win an ARC of his new book!)

Robison Wells is the author of four great books, his newest one, a YA dystopian titled Variant. Variant is about an orphan boy named Benson who has just transferred to a very interesting new school. Maxfield Academy is out in the middle of Nowhere, New Mexico, surrounded by a fence, a large forest, and an imposing stone wall. Benson learns on arrival that there are no adults at the school and that there is absolutely no leaving--unless you break a rule and end up in eternal detention. The students are divided into three gangs: The society who blindly follow the rules of the school and are in charge of administration and security; Havoc who like the school for its lack of leader and cause problems for The Society; and The Variants who are trying to find a way out.

This book has everything you could ever want-- exciting games of paintball, romance, rebellion and twists and turns that will keep you saying "Just one more chapter, then I'll (insert activity you're avoiding here)". Don't tell my professor, but I may have been to involved in the story to even stop reading to listen to lectures. But it was only poli sci 101. Who needs that stuff anyway?

A little bit of a warning, however. This book ends with a crazy "What the heck?! I'm going to kill you, Rob!" sort of cliffhanger. But you don't have to wait too long for the sequel, Feedback, which will be hitting a bookstore near you soon.  In fact,  you can even enter a contest to win an Advanced Reader's Copy on Rob's website. If you win it, though, you should give it to me since I've been dangling over the side of a cliff for a  lot longer--assuming you haven't read it yet.

Anyway, read the book, enter the contest, and tweet Rob (@robisonwells) and tell him how much I deserve an ARC.

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  1. Nice review! Sounds like a great book!

  2. Finally! I found a way that will let me comment! I had to pull out my old huge computer though! :D Good Review! Sounds like a book I'd like to read. Only, now that you told me a sequel is coming out, I'll have to wait! I'm getting too old and can't remember for very long any more. I used to be able to wait a year between books and still remember just fine what was going on. Not any more! Now I end up having to read the first one over so I know what's going on in the second. Or I stumble along in the second trying to remember the first. I read The Work and the Glory books and The Children of the Promise as they came out one year at a time and never forgot what was going on or who the characters were. They were like family! I couldn't understand those people who would tell me they couldn't remember who was who or what was going on after a year wait between books. *sigh* Now, I'm those people! :D

  3. Nice review! I loved his book--definitely gripping. You can check out the review and author interview I did for him on my blog. betsyloveldsauthor dot blogspot dot com/2012/03/interview-with-robison-wells dot html
    I love his writing style. I can hardly wait to read the sequel!!!

  4. I loved Variant! Can't wait for Feedback!