Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Romance?

Despite the contents of the blog I wrote a while back on realizing I'm a romance writer, there have been days--many of them--where I've wondered, quite begrudgingly, why it is I write romance. I brought this up whilst talking to a close friend of mine and we came up with some interesting points.

Romances always end with the guy getting the girl and they, presumably, live happily ever after. And like I stated in my last post, I like happily ever after's. I do have to admit, however, that it has always slightly bothered me that these stories can give the false illusion that the hardest part of a relationship is the initial courtship--or dating process, if you prefer. That after that final scene, all is truly perfectt and blissful for the rest of their life's. There is this dark cynical side of me, though, that--at the end of every book or movie--whispers "who knows if they stay together? How do you know they don't fall out of love and lead an unhappy, stale marriage together?" And maybe I'm a little scared of leading young girls to believe that romance is as easy and everlasting as the books and movies tell us it is. However, I do not wish them all to be as bitter and suspicious as I can be toward romance, either.

Since I read mostly romance, I tried to figure out why I pick it over the latest dystopian or intrigue novel. I guess the biggest reason is because its mostly what my mom reads. And despite the fact that I love my mother, I hate the idea that I write romance just because I know she'll like it and want to read it. Where as, if I wrote a book on a zombie apocalypse, she probably would come up with any number of excuses not to read it. Luckily, though, I have no desire to write any such story.

Okay, I can just imagine my mom reading this and getting after me for acting like I don't really like romance novels. Because I absolutely do. Especially the more funny, light-hearted ones. But besides a good laugh--usually at the expense of the romantic heroine--and the cute stories, I don't know what draws me to them. But I cannot deny that I am.

So here it is, the reason I think I write romance--drum roll, please:

I just can't imagine me writing anything else.

As much as I'd like to write the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games I just can't see myself doing it. And not because I don't think I'm good enough--okay, maybe that is a teeny, tiny part of it. I don't see myself becoming the next Agatha Christy or Stephen King.  And while I'd probably be slightly offended if any one compared me to Nicholas Sparks or Nora Roberts, I can't deny that I definitely reside in the same boat--but its a massive cruise ship and we couldn't possibly have more space between us unless they jumped overboard.

No, my real goal is for no woman to ever remember the name "Mr. Darcy" because they will be completely starstruck by my romantic heroes for centuries to come! Muhahaha! Okay, I'm only teasing. I have no plans to usurp Miss Austen. But if it does happen, that'd be pretty cool.


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