About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my blog! My name is Amy Dahlke. I started writing my first novel when I was thirteen years old and before that moment, I never once thought I wanted to be an author. Honestly, I hated reading. Unless it was Harry Potter, of course! But even then, I didn't technically read it until I was probably around twelve. I listened to the books on cassette read by an awesome British guy named Jim Dale. I wore out  close to half of the cassettes from the first three books from the time I was eight to ten. Yes, that means (A) I've listened to those three books easily over thirty times and (B) I was a sad, lonely child.

Anyway, back to the "honestly, I hated reading" thing. That was because I couldn't do it. Words made as much sense to me in elementary school as Spock having green blood but red lips makes sense to me now. All through those terrible elementary school years, I went to the Special Education room at least twice a week where they would try everything they could to help me read. Yes, I got better. Slowly. I think by the time I entered middle school I could handle a Junnie B. Jones or Magic Tree House book.

I may have hated reading, but I loved stories. I loved listening to books being read to me. I mean, ask my poor Harry Potter cassettes. I also had a thing for telling stories too. To my parents, brothers and even my friends. My most elaborate tale was one I told to my best friend in second grade. Luckily for me she wasn't allowed to read Harry Potter at the time. I told her I was a witch who attended Hogwarts on the weekends. And not only that: I was Harry's long lost sister. I doubted she really believed me but she was nice enough to let me carry on while we swung on the swings during recess.

(Geez, I apologize for all the Harry Potter tangents but you clicked the "About Me" link and my whole life has practically been built around those books.)

So, I hated reading but loved stories. That is, until about halfway through seventh grade when The Work and the Glory came to a theater near me. I fell in love with the Steeds, church history and Joseph Smith. I was sad when the movie ended until my mom mentioned there were nine large books that finished the story. I went home and started reading. I went from Magic Tree House to huge historical fiction novels overnight.

I was about a third of the way through The Work and the Glory series when I cleaned my room one day and found a forest green spiral notebook buried away in my desk. With hardly any thought beforehand, I snatched up the closest pen and started my first story. Eight months later, I had written a novel--a historic based, over 65,000 words, novel--at thirteen.

I'll  be the first person to admit the writing in that novel was nothing special. The event its self was. From that moment I knew I was born to be an author. Yes, a girl who could barely read until she was nine.

Now, I read all the time. Well, when I'm not working on my college courses, at work or--of course--writing. Who would have thought, right?

Some general facts about me:
  • I have two brothers, one older and one younger
  • I LOVE movies almost as much as I LOVE books (I like stories in any form, really.)
  • I'm a geek. Though I've never tried to write them, I love science fiction and fantasy. And I've spent my share of time playing video games throughout my life.
  • I'm a picky but adventurous eater. (Meaning, I'll try anything once but if I don't like it, I won't let it pass through my lips ever again)
  • I'm currently majoring in social work.
  • I lived in Hawaii when I was a child. 
  • I also lived in Germany for seven months between high school and starting college. It was the greatest time of my life. I'm sure if you stick around you will find a whole lot more about it.
  •  I love learning new things.
Well, I think that's enough for a *cough* general *cough* overview. Thanks for stopping by!